Friday, June 2, 2017

Final Day of Service Learning (Daryl's Group)

¡Hola! Daryl's group here (Sydney, Nikki, Morgan, Cayla, Carol, Todd, and Clare) to tell you about our adventures in Jutiapa and our eventful drive back to Antigua. Two days ago, we arrived in Jutiapa at the Centro de Esperanza, a rural special education school. In total, we saw 34 clients. The kids were cute as buttons, and we learned so much from the families as well as the the fabulous staff. Morgan, Sydney, Cayla and Nikki loved experiencing occupational therapy and physical therapy in action, and the care plans they wrote will allow the families to continue the therapy they learned with the therapists. The overall trip was anything but boring. We got to see beautiful Guatemalan views, Nikki got attacked by moths, and we saw a minor motorcycle crash on the way back. We left our mark in Jutiapa with a handprint X on the school wall. All is well, and we can't wait to hike a volcano in the morning! 

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