Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Road to Antigua

Hola todos mi amigos! Allie and Nikki coming at ya live from Guatemala! We woke up bright an early this morning to our wonderful rooster friend. We then traveled to Iximche and had the opportunity to observe three traditional Mayan dances. The first was King Iximche, then The Market, and finally Courtship. We learned about the traditional food as well as the ancient game of Pok ta Pok. We also observed weaving and pen wrapping. Walking through Iximche, we saw the ancient Mayan ruins such as temples, ball courts, and the moat. They were all unique and educational experiences that we will be able to incorporate as future culturally competent OTs.

After walking through the ruins, we traveled to Antigua with most of us asleep in the van.  On our way, we were able to drive through the city of Zaragoza, which was really interesting to see after having read about it in our Guatemalan language and culture class.  When we arrived at our hotel in Antigua, we immediately got to work unpacking and distributing all of the donations that we were able to bring with us (thanks again for all the donations)!  We then got the opportunity to walk around and explore the beautiful Hotel Santa Ana before a nice dinner.  Now we are all excited and preparing for a full and fun day of service at our sites tomorrow! Good night everyone! 

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